Video samples of HyperTab playing last 4 bars of Pride and Joy. Actual screen size is larger. Sorry, couldn't use mp3 audio (licensing).


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HyperTab video samples: "Pride and Joy"

Here are some of the chord, scale, and "building block" shapes you'll see in the demo videos above.

bar chord/scale "building block" shapes
108 Very unique to SRV (and bluesman T-Bone Walker, who he got it from). You can hear it in several of SRV's songs, including 4 different times in Texas Flood alone (at 0:49, 1:18, 3:45, and 4:04). A lot of players (including me until I listened to it closely) miss the "b2" (flat 2) note on the first string that's one fret up from the barre.
110 This lick however used by many players, including Angus Young (AC/DC) in Back in Black and Girl's Got Rhythm. Bend 3rd string, barre pinky, play all notes together or individually.
112 A variation on the "Hendrix" (7#9) chord. Barre pinky, mute 3rd string by letting finger that's on the 4th string rest lightly on it. Hendrix combined this with notes on lower strings to get the main riff of Foxy Lady.