HyperTab Guitar Software Screenshot

HyperTab on Windows XP

HyperTab is free software. It includes a short demo file showing two different guitars and bass, several common chord and scale shapes, and many more lick, riff and "building block" shapes.

HyperTab is small (about 10 mB), simple software that contains no spyware or adware. Registration is not required unless you decide to purchase full-length songs.

Download HyperTab (PC version) Download HyperTab (Mac version)
  * Problems with Intel-based Macs;
    I'm working on a fix ...

How to download and install HyperTab

step 1 Click on the PC or Mac button above to begin downloading. On the PC, you may get a dialog box asking you if you want to open or save. Choose "Open". Save File Example Image
step 2 When finished downloading, the installer should launch automatically (skip to step 3 below). If it doesn't, find the file you just downloaded, and open it manually. It looks like this: EXE Example Image
step 3 Follow the onscreen instructions in the installer. Installer Screenshot Example Image
step 5 Open HyperTab just like you would any other software. Start Menu Example Image
step 5 Once HyperTab has opened, press the play button. Play Button Image